Affirmations for Success

… Thanks to Hager Marketing Group. Be inspired and affirm your worth today, aknowledging the abundance and success you deserve.

1. I put my body into a peak state of absolute certainty knowing that I can create any

positive result that I am committed to.

2. I am living a life of design rather than a life of reaction.

3. I am absolutely clear about the specific results I want in every area of my life.

4. I step up with total power and passion to take whatever positive action is

necessary to achieve my desired results.

5. I make my future my present. My future is now.

6. I celebrate the achievement of my goals before they occur in the physical world.

7. Whenever I set a definite goal, I take immediate action towards its attainment to

create and sustain massive momentum.

8. I am now spending my time, energy, and emotion on the goals that are most

important to me rather than responding to the demands of other people. I am in


9. Urgency is not my friend. Through results-focused planning and delegating to

others, I minimize the amount of time I spend addressing the urgent demands of

other people.

10. I do only what I do best and get other people to do the rest.

11. I delegate tasks that do not require my direct attention and focus to other people.

12. My subconscious mind provides me with the specific massive action plans I need

to attain my desired results.

13. My subconscious mind is consistently presents me with updated plans to achieve

my goals even when I am playing, eating, or sleeping.

14. I carefully measure and manage my progress towards my desired results


15. I am highly flexible. I carefully monitor the results that I am getting and quickly

adjust my actions until I receive the specific results I desire.

16. I accelerate my progress towards my desired results by studying other people who

have been outstanding in that area.

17. I increase my hunger and desire to achieve my goals everyday.

18. Using tapes and books, I now create a controlled environment that keeps my mind

focused on my primary outcomes everyday.

19. I do not adapt to my environment. I persist in making my environment adapt to


20. All of my internal images dialog and feelings are pulling me towards the results I

desire. I am totally committed and congruent.

21. I am focused on the results I want, driven by a passionate purpose, and charted

with massive action plans.

22. I see things exactly the way they are, exactly the way I want them, and now take

massive action to close that gap.

23. I prepare a results-oriented daily plan every evening for the following day.

24. I feed my momentum monster everyday by consistently taking results-focused


25. When I reach a definite decision, I commit and resolve to the achievement of the

end result I desire.

26. I create magic moments for myself, my family and friends.

27. I celebrate my achievements in advance.

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