Begin by seeing the end.

prayer earthAlthough I’ve had many good fortunes in life, I frequently have “stumbled” upon them or opened a gate to a path leading to an unknown destination that happened to be the land of opportunity for my life’s current endeavor. Not to say I’ve lofted through life so far without working hard, thinking smart or  planning but because of the good fortune I’ve had, atleast in part,  it seemed to me there was no need to work much harder, think even smarter, and plan more completely than I already was. When one door closed, the next opened. And that seemed to work.
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Strength – what the hell is it?

strengthRecently I made the affirmation to contemplate authentic strength thinking I needed it to make some adjustments in my life. I thought about the notion of strength, meditated and looked around with curious wide eyes. I noticed examples of what I considered to be authentic strength, in people, in communities, in organizations that are doing what many believe is impossible or at least improbable. My observations and contemplations lead me to this conclusion: true strength the kind that allows you to transcend boundaries and be more that you ever thought you could be requires surrender + grace + inspiration + willingness. And if that is strength, is strength really “strong” in the Webster Dictionary sense or is strength more about being flexible, porous, and accepting? Wondering…